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Game changer: Introducing our first Compact HD Digital Day & Night Vision Riflescope

15 Sep 2023
Hittac,designed by hunters and for hunters.
The brand new Compact HD 5-20x will change the game!
Compact and Light-Weight for a Easy Hunting Trip
Tired of taking loads of equippment when going hunting and can't find the proper size night vision riflescope in the market? Don't worry,Hittac brings you our brand new collection-Compact HD.

Compact HD Riflescope

With an overall length of 20 cm / 7.87 inches, the digital night vision riflescope weighs only 539g (19oz) even when packed with a 18650 battery,mount and eyepiece protector,which can fit right into your pocket with the feeling of nonexistence.

For some airsoft hunters who like pest control,such a compact size is excellent that you cannot miss out.

Ultra Clear Image to Replace Your Original Optical Riflescope
Though small and light as it,the digital night vision riflescope is equipped with the latest high sensitive Sony Starvis 2 sensor technology that offers super-high sensitivity beyond the human eye and enables object shape and color recognition even in dark locations and obtains the required information with accuracy.
Night Vision Riflescope

Apart from the use of Sony high sensitivity technology, ED glasses are used to give a high-quality image with high image sharpness,resolution,and color fidelity.The 60Hz 1920x1080 OLED screen are also utilized to make the digital night vision scope a perfect tool to shot on target both in daytime and nightime.Furthermore,Optional 850nm/940nm IR illuminator has the best sensitivity at night that aids in getting on targets clearer and further. HD 1080P 60FPS video recording restores the real hunting scene without lagging image,providing you a better visual experience.

At Hittac,we seek to provide the best solutions in the indurstry and offer the best price to make the outstanding gear available for everyone who love hunting and shooting.For now,the compact HD digital night vision riflescope with laser ranger finder and ballistic calculator is only at the price of $599.99 and $459.99 for the standard version."Such a decent price will open the digital to a lot more people",commented a hunting lover.That's indeed what Hittac strive to do;the future of digital night vision riflescope is coming, Hittac COMPACT HD collection is your go-to choice.

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